Cách Reset Asus

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We’ve all heard this story: There was an ad for an asus Sonicmaster or some other model, with compelling specifications telling you what a processing quái vật it is. The ad promised it would run whatever software you threw at it, so you bought it, only to lớn realize you couldn’t log in without its old password, or you found that the previous owner didn’t bởi vì a proper cleanup. When that happens, you need khổng lồ know how lớn factory-reset an hãng asus laptop.

The experience we described comes from a buyer who acquired his hãng asus notebook PC via Craigslist, và he’s not the only such unfortunate soul. A second-hand máy tính that wasn’t subjected khổng lồ a proper hãng asus reformat can cause lots of problems. It might mess with Windows processes, you might find files with sensitive information from the previous owner, or you’d over up seeing things you really didn’t want khổng lồ see about a stranger from the internet. Whatever the case, your course of kích hoạt is clear: use the asus restore-factory-settings option.

The procedure itself is pretty streamlined, as you’ll see from this comprehensive guide on how to lớn revert your hãng asus laptop to lớn its original settings. Just remember, after bringing your computer back lớn normal, change the password to lớn protect device security.

I Need a Factory Reset, Stat!

Whatever your reason may be for looking up how to factory-reset your laptop, you’ll be happy khổng lồ learn that there’s always more than one solution. Each of them includes using the asus system-recovery partition, also known as the asus recovery drive, which you can access using the asus reboot key.

The asus system-recovery partition is a concealed drive on hãng asus devices containing a snapshot of the system running on factory defaults. You can use it lớn revert your máy tính xách tay and the installed operating system to their initial factory settings. Before you press that key, though, make sure lớn back up any data on your computer you might not want khổng lồ lose. Once you have that in a separate place, lượt thích an external memory drive, you can safely vị an hãng asus factory restore. Also, remember khổng lồ keep your máy tính xách tay plugged into a nguồn source for the duration of the reset.

Tinkering With the Windows Boot Manager

Re-boot your laptop, and as soon as the asus logo shows up, keep pressing the F9 keyboard button until you’re prompted khổng lồ “Please select your boot device.”


Select “Windows Boot Manager.”Choose a language & click Next.Choose one of three options:Recover Windows khổng lồ first partition only. - deletes the first partition & leaves other partitions as they are.Recover Windows khổng lồ entire HD. - deletes all the partitions.Recover Windows to lớn entire HD with 2 partitions. - deletes all the partitions & creates a C- and a D-drive.


Choose, click Next, and do what the Wizard guide recommends to factory-reset your hãng asus laptop.

Windows 10 Update và Security khổng lồ the Rescue

You can also restore everything to lớn factory settings from the comfort of the Windows 10 Settings menu.

Press the “Start” button.Select the gear icon for “Settings” (or type in “Settings” and click on the icon that appears).

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From the “Settings” window, select “Update & security.”


Select “Recovery,” then “Get Started,” and click on “Restore Factory Settings.”


You can then choose khổng lồ purge data just from the drive where your OS is installed, or from all the drives on your laptop.


Choose if you want to delete personal files or completely clean the drive.



Partition Restoration

Your last option is to use an installation disc.

Put the installation disc into a CD/DVD drive, then restart your computer.When booting up, choose CD/DVD.Select “OK” twice lớn start up the partition restore and follow the guide.


You Managed to lớn Restore Your asus Laptop lớn Factory Settings - Now What?

With the factory settings restored, your Windows operating system will operate at full efficiency. Và if you decide to get another laptop from the internet again, scrub it clean first by following this guide.

Once that’s done, arm yourself with strong và unique passwords, first for your device và then on any ứng dụng or site you use. Using a good password manager will make remembering passwords a thing of the past, & your máy tính will be grateful for the protection.

If you’re using Windows 10, click on the “Start” button & find the Control Panel through the search bar, similar khổng lồ how we started this hãng asus reset-to-factory-settings guide. In the Control Panel, you’ll see the “View by” option in the upper right corner. To help you navigate things, click on it and select “Large Icons.” Then find the “User Accounts” button, press it, and select “Manage another account” to lớn choose the trương mục from which you want to remove the password. Click on “Change the password,” enter the original password when prompted, and leave all other fields empty. Press the “Change Password” button, và the system will remove the administrator password.

To force asus laptops into recovery mode with Windows 10, before powering on the computer, press and hold F9, và then press the nguồn button. Keep holding the F9 button until you see the initial Windows Recovery screen, from which you can boot up your computer, turn it off, or troubleshoot. Select “Troubleshoot,” then “Advanced Options,” và you can mix things up from there.

Another method khổng lồ get an asus laptop into recovery mode with Windows 10 is khổng lồ go to the Start menu and look for “Change advanced startup options.” Once you’re in the right place, select “Restart now.” This will reboot your computer & send it straight lớn the initial Windows Recovery screen. From there, follow the same steps as in the first solution.

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From the login window, go lớn the Power thực đơn in the lower right corner. Hold down the Shift key, & select “Restart.” That will send you to Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). When the xanh screen shows up, click on the “Troubleshoot” button và choose “Reset this PC.” From the “Reset this PC” window, select the “Remove everything” option, then the “Local reinstall” button. Finally, click on the “Just remove my files” option và click Reset. If your máy tính is an ASUS, this will reinstall Windows on it. Connect the laptop’s AC adapter lớn a power nguồn socket before clicking the “Reset” button to ensure an unhindered reinstall process. We’ve mentioned the importance of this step earlier in this article on how to factory-reset an hãng asus laptop.