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1. _______ he likes chocolate, he tries not to eat it.

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A. As B .Though C. Since D. Despite

2. He is a very intelligent boy, _______he is very lazy

A. But B. Và C. Or D. So

3. _______I moved house, I haven’t had much liên hệ with those friends

A. Though B. Since C. Because of D. So that

4. Last night we came to lớn the show late _______the traffic was terrible.

A. Although B. Despite C. Và D. Because

5. Lan couldn’t pass the exam_______she was too lazy.

A. Because B. Because of C. Although D. In spite of

6. _______ his broken leg, he didn’t come to class yesterday.

A. Because B. Because of C. Despite D. So

7. _______there is a lot of noise in the city, I prefer living there.

A. Despite B. In spite of C. Becacuse of D. Though

8. _______ the weather, we went sailing.

A. Despite B. In spite of C. Although D. A &B

9. _______Hudson led early, he lost the race.

A. Though B. Although C. Eventhough D. All are correct

17. _____it was raining heavily he went out without a raincoat.

A. In spite B. In spite of C. However D. Although

18. _____he wasn’t feeling very well; Mr Graham went lớn visit his aunt as usual.

A. Although B. However C. Therefore D. Still

19. He was offered the job______his qualifications were poor.

A. Despite B. In spite of C. Even though D. Whereas

19. ______ we were in town, we often met him.

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A. For B. Although C. So D. When

20. She didn’t get the job ____ she had all the necessary qualifications.

A. Because B. Although C. So D. But

21. I could not eat ____ I was very hungry.

A. Even though B. In spite C. Despite D. In spite the fact that

22. In pite _____, the baseball trò chơi was not cancelled.

A. The rain B. Of the rain C. It was raining D. There was a rain

23. ______ he had enough money, he refused to buy a new car.

A. In spite B. In spite of C. Despite D. Although

24. ______, he walked to lớn the station.

A. Despite being tired B. Although to lớn be tired

C. In spite being tired D. Despite tired

25. The children slept well, despite _____.

A. It was noise B. The noise C. Of the noise D. Noisy

26. She left him __________ she still loved him.

A. Even if B. Even though C. In spite of D. Despite

27. _______ her lack of hard work, she was promoted.

A. In spite B. Even though C. In spite of D. Despite of

28. _______ they are brothers, they vị not look like.

A. Although B. Even C. Despite D. In spite of

29. We are concerned with the problem of energy resouces ________ we must also think of our environment.

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A. Despite B. Though C. As though D. But

30. ______ some Japanese women are successful in business, the majority of Japanese companies are run by men.